Are you disgusted by Ben & Jerry’s political ice cream? Try Forest’s flavors of yum!

Ice cream is something I used to think of as a luxury item. I needed someone else to make it. I had to pay the prices they dictated. I was glad that it’s not cheap because it made it easier not to have the delicious fat-making stuff around.

Now there is ice-cream in my house all the time. I make it myself.

Even before Ben & Jerry’s “PeCAN Resist” I saw some research about ice-cream and it turns out that most of the ice cream brands on offer in the stores don’t have a lot of actual ice cream in them. They are full of sugar and chemicals and sometimes there is no cream at all!

In Israel, Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs are the higher quality brands that are actual ice-cream. Both are expensive and come in small containers that if you have three grown men in your house is a completely irrelevant portion size.

Recently the always political Ben & Jerry’s went over the top. It is one thing to be left-leaning in politics. Ben & Jerry have the right to infuse politics in their business as much as they please but for Jews concerned with the rise of Antisemitism around the world and particularly in America, this step was too much.

PeCan Resist - Sarsour

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton A. Klein and ZOA Director of Special Projects Elizabeth Berney, Esq. released the following statement:

Appallingly, Ben and Jerry’s has given the public a new reason to not buy their fat-and-sugar-laden and unhealthy ice cream:  A new Ben and Jerry’s flavor called “PeCAN Resist” supports unsavory hate-promoting, violence-promoting, anti-Semitic political groups, including: the Israel-bashing “Women’s March” along with its Jew-hating, violence-promoting, anti-Israel boycott-promoting leaders Linda Sarsour and Farrakhan associate Tamika Mallory; “Color of Change,” which is running a campaign promoting Maxine Waters’ call for harassment and incivility; and a subsidiary of “Progress Texas” which is demonizing pro-Israel Senator Ted Cruz as a subhuman monster.  This is frankly sickening and frightening, especially so soon after the Pittsburgh Synagogue massacre and other appalling anti-Semitic and violent incidents.

It is deeply painful that Ben & Jerry’s heads Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield – who are Jewish – are promoting, financially supporting and taking a smiling picture with Jew-haters such as Linda Sarsour, who promote massacres (the intifada) and boycotts against Ben & Jerry’s fellow Jews.  Ben & Jerry’s insensitive, alarming and downright dangerous promotion has been correctly widely criticized, including in Israel and by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. 

So, here’s the thing. You don’t need Ben & Jerry’s in order to have good ice cream. If you have a mixer in your house, you can make your own ice cream, any time you want.

You don’t need an ice cream maker. You don’t need anything special at all. This is what you need:

  • 1 mixer
  • Whipping cream
  • Concentrated milk
  • Your choice of flavoring


The favorites in my house are coffee and vanilla chocolate chip. We also make chocolate with Oreos and rum and raisins. You can make any flavor you like, add fruit or whatever is yummy in your tummy.

Coffee flavored ice cream with chocolate shavings. I saved the box from the last time we got store bought ice-cream – it’s useful to wash and reuse as it is both the rights size and because the plastic is the right thickness so that it doesn’t crack in the freezer

The base for every ice cream is the same. You control how sweet it is according to the proportions of ingredients you use.

This is how it’s done:20181102_144148.jpg

Whip cream until firm – I use a container of 500ml.
Mix in condensed milk – I use 1/3 of this 397gr tin (see photo).

*Amounts make 1 liter of ice cream

The principle of the proportions is –
Condensed milk is very sweet, the more you add the sweeter your ice cream will be.
It also affects the texture of the ice cream when it’s frozen. The more condensed milk, the softer the ice cream will be after it’s frozen.

When these are whipped together, you have the base of your ice cream. Now it’s time to add your flavor of choice:

  • Vanilla extract + chocolate shavings makes vanilla chocolate chip.
  • Cocoa powder makes your base chocolaty and then you can add cookies, chocolate, nuts or anything else you like.
  • Add instant coffee to make coffee flavored ice cream – we like ours strong so I add 3 tablespoons.
  • For rum & raisins, I make a vanilla base and then add raisins that were presoaked in rum (or rum extract).

Try it! If you make a different flavor, let me know how you did it!

Warning: readily available yummy ice cream can make people fat.

10 thoughts on “Are you disgusted by Ben & Jerry’s political ice cream? Try Forest’s flavors of yum!

  1. Forest,
    We did it on Shavuot, for desert at lunch. It’s even easier and fun for the kids.
    Take the ingredients (we used 18% cream, sugar and flavours. Yes one was coffee) and put them in a ZipLock bag (I know, this is another email, some of our shlichim friends have gone home with two suitcases of ZipLock bags but I think they are now available there). Close very carefully, we don’t want leaks.
    Put the ZipLock bag in a bigger ZipLock bag and add cold water, ice and salt (the big piece “Kosher Salt” if you have it, be generous).
    Close that big ZipLock bag very carefully as well and then give it to your 13 year old, your 6 year old, even your 3 year old to play with. Toss it, smush it, push it around, for about 5-10 minutes, the better a smusher you are the less time it takes, and when you’re done — TaDa!! – ICE CREAM! It works!
    Share with your friends.


  2. Many years ago, I dated a gal whose mother was an excellent cook and loved to entertain. One day she asked me to come over early, and bring some ice. She made ice cream, and she used milk and eggs in it. Delicious.
    Ben and Jerry gave away their business several years ago. They had made a boatload of money and decided to retire. They gave away their business, but I would not have expected them to have gone so far over to the Left. I am sorry to say, I will not be eating their product.


  3. Yummy! Your recipe sounds delicious! I make my own parve ice cream, have been making it for decades. Bought parve ice cream just isn’t worth the calories. My recipe:

    One container (250 ml) parve whip. I prefer HaChef Halavan but there are others out there
    3 eggs separated
    3 oz sugar (I have cut down on the sugar lately, it’s still plenty sweet enough)
    Chocolate chips.

    Separate the eggs, whip up the whites with part of the sugar and set aside.
    Whip the parve cream, add in the yellows and the rest of the sugar.
    Fold in the whipped egg whites, and then any flavouring you want. Our family favourite is vanilla and chocolate chips. But you can use fruit juice, coffee, whatever you wish.


    1. And yes, I will be boycotting Ben and Jerry’s until they cancel this outrageous and frankly ridiculous piece of virtue signalling. Even if the Israeli B & J have distanced themselves from it.


  4. Please note that the Israel licensee (who manufactures in Israel), is NOT going to carry that flavor.

    Chuck Lowenstein Har Nof

    On Sat, Nov 10, 2018 at 11:36 AM Inspiration from Zion: This is a Love Story wrote:

    > Forest Rain posted: “Ice cream is something I used to think of as a luxury > item. I needed someone else to make it. I had to pay the prices they > dictated. I was glad that it’s not cheap because it made it easier not to > have the delicious fat-making stuff around. Now there is ” >


    1. Yes, that’s true. I’m not calling for a boycott of Ben & Jerry’s Israel although Israelis can also do better for their families with making their own ice cream as I do for my family


      1. Since reading TOI’s article re B&J’s newest flavor and where their donations are going, I have boycotted their ice cream and encouraged others to do so. I don’t wish to have the Israeli franchise of B&J founder but the message needs to get out there re how we in Israel feel towards Misters Cohen and greenfield,


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