If you love Desigual fashion you need Ronex glasses

Ever since before I remember myself, I’ve had to wear glasses. Blind as a bat (I can actually find my way pretty well in the dark), glasses have been my crutch through life.

I had to wear glasses since before anyone figured out that making glasses a fashion accessory would help increase sales. No one ever made fun of me for being a “four eyes” but I always felt disadvantaged: I can’t see without glasses and I don’t see perfectly with them. Steam, dirt, scratches are constant bothers people who don’t need glasses never have to think about.

In short, glasses are annoying.

I have seen a zillion different glasses stores, advertisements and had more pairs than I can remember. Who remembers? Glasses aren’t outstanding. They aren’t memorable, interesting or exciting.

Until you discover Ronex glasses

Roni Dori, an Israeli designer, and entrepreneur has invented her own unique category of glasses. Inspired by the wild and passionate Mexican painter and artist Frida Kahlo as well as things that spark her interest in day-to-day life, Roni transforms every frame into an expression of vibrant individuality.

Roni's daughter models Ronex glasses
Roni’s daughter models Ronex glasses

She paints each frame by hand, dyeing, coloring and decorating one by one with special paint, unique patterns, Swarovski stones, and small flowers.

Ronex glasses
Ronex glasses

The first thought that popped into my mind when I saw Roni’s glasses was, DESIGUAL. The colors, vibrancy and wild fun of the clothing brand also lives in this unique, Israeli glasses brand. If I were their brand manager, I would absolutely want to incorporate Ronex into the Desigual offering.

In the meantime, Roni Dori is an Israeli artist, a female entrepreneur who makes the boring fabulous. Her glasses can be found in stores across Israel or ordered online via her website

Our tiny country is full of extraordinary people, transforming the world, each in his or her own way. Roni does it by offering men and women, “four-eyes” and people who just want sunglasses, an avenue of colorful self-expression that sparks smiles and is impossible to ignore. 


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