Jews and Arabs Standing Together

I don’t like sharing things like this but it’s not just a matter of “airing dirty laundry” this is an issue of paying attention to foreign money, undermining our national security.

While our nation is being bombarded by missiles, these people decided to protest.

“Standing Together” demonstration in Haifa in the midst of Operation Guardian of the Walls

The purple signs and flags were funded by an organization called Standing Together. They call themselves “the grassroots people’s movement in Israel. We organize Jews and Arabs, locally and nationally, around campaigns for peace, equality, and social justice, in order to build power and transform Israeli society.”

Their main slogan is “Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies”. Sounds nice right?

Now for the smell test:

Grassroots? Well funded, with professionally printed signs, flags and shirts

What are their messages?

“Free Gaza” – Gaza is free from Jews, under administration of Hamas

“Standing Together” demonstration in Haifa in the midst of Operation Guardian of the Walls.
This Jewish woman carried her sign to be better seen by drivers. It says: “Free Gaza. Justice, fixing, Right of Return”

“Stop the war” – did our government ask Hamas to shoot missiles at mothers and babies in Israel?

“The occupation kills us all” – while the other statements could be from peace and love hippies or be simply considered weird, this one is already an extremely political statement, along with blood libel. Which occupation? Of 67? Of 48? And who is supposedly being killed?

And if the goal of this organization is to make Jews and Arabs not enemies, how many of these people are actually Arabs? Not many. In this group of approximately 100 people there were maybe 10 Arabs.

“Standing Together” demonstration in Haifa in the midst of Operation Guardian of the Walls.

All the Jews attending were of a very certain type, not a mixed demographic which would be reflective of our population.

Interestingly none of their messages have anything to do with minimizing Arab hatred of Jews, and only defamatory messages against Israel. Is that a way to promote peace and non violence?

The protestors turned on the police whose job it is to watch the demonstration and keep the peace, screaming at them all kinds of vile things.

And then a guy decided to join the protest. He agreed with all their messages but he made the “mistake” of carrying the Israeli flag. The organizers asked him to leave.

So what does the smell test tell us about this organization and its goals?

Interestingly when you follow the money, the trail almost always leads back to the NIF. Sometimes it’s foreign governments and EU funding. Separate organizations that at first glance seem to promote ideas that anyone can agree with. Who doesn’t believe that nonviolence is good? Looking deeper, the poison becomes more obvious – ripping the country apart from within, undermining solidarity, traditionalism and sovereignty.

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