Mother of Soldiers

It’s cold outside. The rain beats on the windows and thunder rumbles in the distance. Night is approaching and the warm bed beckons with the promise of a cozy embrace. The closeness of comfort seems so utterly wrong, knowing that he is outside, alone, in the dark, setting off for a night of strenuous effort. … More Mother of Soldiers

5 reasons IDF soldiers suffer less from PTSD

  Why is it that, although terrorism and war are not infrequent in Israel, the number of IDF soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is actually amongst the lowest in militaries around the world? In 2013 the Israel Defense Forces Medical Corps Mental Health Department released a study on PTSD with staggering statistics. For … More 5 reasons IDF soldiers suffer less from PTSD


Reflections from Israel, August 15, 2006 by Forest Rain, Lionheart I feel so, so sad today. For the past few days I’ve felt like I can’t breathe. I can’t rest. My throat is choked with unshed tears. All I can think about is numbers. Israelis often seem obsessed by numbers. The over 6 million murdered … More Numbers