Israel, not what you think…

Welcoming IDF soldiers home from war, rejoicing that they are alive… what could be more Israeli? They type of celebration seen in the video below is as Arab as it gets. An older woman sings out in piercing tones words of greeting, words of blessing. The other women join in. To western ears their tone may sound more like a shriek than something welcoming but this is the traditional method of public blessing (the same is done for example at Arab village weddings).

Who are they greeting? IDF soldiers returning from fighting in Gaza, walking down the streets of an Arab village, wrapped in the Israeli flag! The soldiers are THEIR sons and they are greeting them with pride and joy. Racing to celebrate with them outside, with food and dancing (it is traditional to celebrate outside, that way all can join in).

These are Druze. They are Arabs; they celebrate Moslem holidays but have some different traditions (as can be seen in the different clothes the religious Druze wear). Their enlistment rate in the IDF is high and they fight Arab terrorists shoulder to shoulder with Jewish IDF soldiers.

In Israel it isn’t religion, ethnicity or gender that counts. It’s the content of your character and what you think is right that decides which side you are on.

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