The difference between “them” and “us”

Mohammed Abu-Khdeir Last week the parents of sixteen year old Mohammed Abu-Khdeir from Jerusalem reported to the police that their son had been kidnapped by Jews. After a brief investigation the police found the body of Mohammed Abu-Khdeir. He had been hit on the head and burnt while still alive.

No one wanted to believe that this sickening atrocity was committed by Jews.

The police investigated the parents’ suspicions as well as more plausible (because they are common) possibilities: clan wars between Arab families or an honor killing (as the boy was rumored to be gay,
which is not accepted in Muslim society).

To the shock and horror of the entire country, it was a group of young people, all from the same family who committed this awful crime. Disgustingly they are justifying their action as “revenge for the murder of Eyal, Gil-Ad and Naftali.”

Many have latched on this story, almost gleefully – as if this is proof of moral equivalency between all Israelis and terrorists. Here are two situations, one right after the other, of kidnapping and murder. The first, Arabs who killed Jews because they were Jewish. The second, Jews who killed an Arab because he was an Arab. The same right?

The difference between ‘them’ and ‘us’ is the difference between day and night, the earth and the sky. There is absolutely no moral equivalency. For those who might be confused, this should be stated loud and clear.

At the triple funeral of Eyal, Gil-Ad and Naftali Prime Minister Netanyahu said: “An abyss separates our morality from that of our enemies,” I will say now, even after the horrendous murder of Mohammed Abu-Khdeir – this statement is still true.

The difference is in our society.

Today Israel woke up to newspapers with the screaming title: “The Murder & the Shame.” Because that is the general feeling: shame, horror and disgust. The shock and grief at the deaths of Eyal, Gil-Ad and Naftali were pushed aside to reflect on the source of the sickness that allowed these people to become murderers of an innocent Arab boy.

The families of our murdered teens pushed aside their grief in order to express their condolences to Mohammed’s family and their horror that anyone would think it ok to commit such a heinous act to revenge their sons.

On the other hand, Mohammed’s father has refused to denounce the kidnapping and murder of Eyal, Gil-Ad and Naftali.

The mother of one of the Hamas terrorists who kidnapped the three teens announced that if her son was responsible for the abduction of the boys it would give her eternal pride. Can you imagine a mother proud of her son for being a murderer of children?

Every society has a few sick people. The atrocity of the Manson Family was seared into the consciousness of America because their actions were so unusually heinous. There was the first school shooting with children shooting children. The twisted people that take women hostage and keep them locked in an attack or basement and abuse them for years… These actions are considered completely unacceptable and when discovered – they shock and horrify a nation. This is what Israel experienced with Mohammed Abu-Khdeir’s murder.

On the other hand there is an entire society that rejoices in murder. Their children are raised to hate and be joyous at the suffering of Jews (and ‘infidels’). Murderers of women and children are upheld as role models and heroes.

When the news that Eyal, Gil-Ad and Naftali were kidnapped it became fashionable amongst the Arabs of Gaza, Judea and Samaria as well as some Arabs living in the heart of Israel to take their picture holding up 3 fingers. This parody of the victory sign both mocks the kidnapping of the three Jewish teens and makes the statement that this is a great accomplishment.

celebrating the kidnapping of Eyal, Gil-Ad and Naftali by Hamas terrorists
Children taught to hate Arab children posing with three fingers held up, a parody of the victory sign, celebrating the kidnapping of Eyal, Gil-Ad and Naftali by Hamas terrorists.
Arab graduates pose with three fingers held up, celebrating the kidnapping of 3 Israeli teens by Hamas terrorists. This isn't an activity of 'radicals' – this, for them, is normal.
Arab graduates pose with three fingers held up, celebrating the kidnapping of 3 Israeli teens by Hamas terrorists. This isn’t an activity of ‘radicals’ – this, for them, is normal.

The celebrations went way beyond photos – there were parades of celebration and people handing out sweets in the streets.

Then we saw Arabs in Jerusalem, in the south of Israel and now also in the north – go to the streets, throw stones, Molotov cocktails, damage the train and attack police. They blocked roads with tires lit on fire, pulled people out of cars asking them “Are you Jewish?” Those that answered “Yes” were beaten. Arabs are rising up on their Jewish neighbors, people they work with, shop with, see every day – setting fires, attacking with rocks and anything that comes to hand.

They are using the Mohammed’s death as an excuse. But that is exactly what it is – an excuse.

One society rushes to provide comfort. The other rushes to violence.

One society utterly rejects and condemns murder. The other rejoices in it.

The difference between ‘them’ and ‘us’ is absolute. There is no equivalency here.


“An age is called dark not because the light fails to shine
but because people refuse to see”


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