Hopefully in the future there will also be miracles for us. We are going to need them.

I don’t think people realize how small Israel is… because we are so small a terrorist act that kills 5 or 7 people is like the 9/11 attack in America. During Operation Protective Edge 72 people were killed. Can you imagine experiencing the attacks of 9/11 14 times in two months? Many are left with injuries they will retain throughout their lives. Many have to rebuild homes and businesses ruined by missile bombardment.

This is not the first time our soldiers have had to battle Hamas in Gaza and it will not be the last time. Hamas themselves have said that to them, this ceasefire is a time to rebuild their weapons stores, their strategic attack tunnels, a time to rest and regain their strength so they can attack Israel with greater force, when they are ready.

The video below is from a previous war in Gaza, one much less devastating than “Operation Protective Edge.” This time the fighting was much more devastating, next time it will be even worse.

“Miracles in Gaza” is relevant now as it was then. Although the results, this time around were much worse than in previous fighting, our soldiers experienced countless miracles. Many are alive today because of miracles.

Hopefully in the future there will also be miracles for us. We are going to need them.

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