Davka happy – at least for a few moments…

Davka is a word in Hebrew that describes an attitude. It combines stubbornness and action taken although (or maybe because) someone else would prefer it not be… the davka attitude can make Israelis very annoying but it is also a major part of what makes us strong.

The davka attitude, directed at the anti-Semites, BDS’ers and general Israel haters says:

We will not lie down and die – if that annoys you, all the better.

Think we should disappear? We will not only survive, we will thrive!

Want to boycott us? Just try a real complete boycott… let’s see you give up your smartphone, computer, cherry tomatoes, honey, cancer medicine or any of our countless scientific and medical innovations people around the world count on daily…

The clip below seems appropriate now, as another form of davka. Davka happy.

In times of overwhelming darkness it is important to take a few moments to let your soul sing. Adon Olam, a centuries old Jewish song has been repackaged to the tune of the hit song “Happy.”

These are not happy times. In fact they could easily be called horrible, scary, terrifying times. We are certainly being terrorized on all fronts. In spite of this, BECAUSE of this, I think it is a good idea to adopt the very Israeli “davka” attitude and be happy, at least for a few moments.

Adon Olam
Adon Olam lyrics and translation

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