People have been waiting for the Caliphate… for the past 90 years?

90 years. In the video this is stated as obvious however I don’t think many westerners have any idea that for the past 90 years Islamists have been dreaming of reinstating the Caliphate.

Islamists around the world have been actively working towards regaining the Caliphate by any and all means – the sword, politics (creeping sharia) and the womb.

Did you know that? Many still don’t realize that the Caliphate, the single ‘Nation of Islam’ that is not in one state but encompasses ALL states, is the ultimate goal. The Islamic State is not the name of one terror organization, it is a centuries old idea that is becoming a reality. It’s not just in Iraq and Syria. It’s in England, France, Norway and Sweden. It’s in India, Australia and even in America.

While we’ve been sleeping others have been striving to attain their goal.

Westerners get bored quickly. When’s the next big thing? Problems in one place or the other don’t grab our attention for long. There is always some celebrity that got pregnant or was caught driving drunk…. What does it matter if there is some terror group in Somalia or a nightclub explodes in Bali? They don’t have anything to do with each other. Right?

Westerners want quick solutions. When will the war be over? How much longer will we have to fight? If we bomb a few terrorists, can we avoid actually fighting them face to face?

Islamists are in for the long haul. 90 years to wait is not too long to attain a ‘glorious vision’.

The Islamists morals and values are vastly different from ours. But then again, maybe the culture gap isn’t as wide as it once was… As I watch this video and listen to the man extolling life in the Islamic State where everything is taken care of for you I cannot help thinking of today’s generation, in western countries worldwide, that is demanding the government care for them, give them, feed them, decide for them… Is it any wonder that so many westerners have flocked to the IS flag? They at least have a goal, a vision, a purpose and they promise “free stuff” and a wonderful life. What vision exists in the west today?

Long term thinking, planning and actions taken accordingly will always win over short term thinking. THAT is why I am afraid for our future.

The man in the video says that he believes “It is already over for America.” Sad to say it but he could be right. If the people of the west remain asleep, I have no doubt that his vision will become reality.

3 thoughts on “People have been waiting for the Caliphate… for the past 90 years?

  1. *hamdillyla* up your asses ! this is the wrong caliphate. This is a caliphate built on pain, blood, torture, perversion, rape, human rights abuses and so on and so on….
    There is a prerogative in Isalm for a caliphate, but if this is how it looks in 2014, forget it. The world will not stand by (for much longer!) and watch the hell you are making on earth. Grow up and get your heads out of your ‘botties’, axxholes.


    1. Thank you for reading and voicing your opinion. Please in the future keep the language “clean”. I don’t support improper language on my blog and believe that the truth is harsh enough without adding “descriptive” words to it if you know what I mean.


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