5 easy things anyone can do to help Israel

I’m writing this following a question from a friend overseas who asked me: “Besides sharing the truth about Israel, what can we do to help?” There are obviously many things that can be done. These are a just a few easy suggestions I put together to show how anyone, with little effort can make a difference.

What can I do to help Israel?

Spread truth –

The media war is just as important, and sometimes more so, than the war on the ground. There are more people involved in spreading lies than those involved and passionate about the truth. You can make a difference! Even a single candle can light the darkness.

Convenient sources:

  • Inspiration from Zion (my blog) – the untold and inspiring stories of Israel, see the real Israel and get inspiration for your personal life
  • StandWithUs – swiftly updating important and interesting stories from Israel. Subscribe to their facebook feed and get easy to share, reliable (and cool!) information about Israel
  • HonestReporting – keeping the media honest is a never ending job. HonestReporting directs subscribers to dishonest journalism and points out where to complain to demand change. Over and over we see that people who write in succeed in making a difference but we need everyone’s help, mass counts here so every person who joins is important!

Activate your community –

Spreading information on social media is good and helpful however it is often “preaching to the choir”. It is time to take this offline and in to your community.
Here are some ideas of how to easily do this:

  • Spend the last 15 minutes of church / temple / book club etc to Israel
    Read an article from Inspiration from Zion (my blog) and discuss. Raise a question and come back with answers next time (free resources available here: https://www.standwithus.com/resources/).
    Pray together.
  • Bring speakers come to your community – StandWithUs arranges events, including speaking tours and lectures by knowledgeable Israelis. Look for an event in your region or even better, contact them and request one!
  • What are they teaching in your kid’s school? Pay special attention to your local schools. What is taught will be the “truth” as it is understood by the next generation. If you see a problem, speak up. Join the schoolboard. Insist on positive content. You may not have a lot of influence on the national level but you can make a crucial difference on the local level. Think about it this way – if you aren’t there doing it, who is? Do like what they are doing?

Buy blue & white –

The BDS movement is trying to damage Israel through boycotts. BDSers are loud and aggressive bullies that had had success getting shops to take Israeli products off their shelves for exactly that reason – they were bullied.

Time and again Israel supporters have proven that power is where the wallet is. Money talks and where there is buying power there is no boycott. Let store owners know you want blue & white products and BDS will not win. Your voice needs to be heard. This is what you can do:

  1. Buy! The website buyisraeligoods.com includes a store locator for people to find stores in their area that carry Israeli products. Of course you can buy online as well.
  2. Ask for Blue & White products where you normally shop.
  3. If you hear of a planned boycott or demonstration, let your opinion be heard. Write, call, demonstrate!

Visit Israel

Haven’t been to Israel yet? What are you waiting for?
Everyone should visit Israel at least once. Come and see for yourself what Israel is really like. The country is beautiful, safe and has things to do and see for people of all ages and interests. The people of Israel need to see with their own eyes, friendly faces from abroad.

Pray –

Israel is the land where miracles happen. I believe that it is the prayers of good people around the world who help materialize the miracles that uphold our nation. Below is a prayer that is said for the soldiers of the IDF. If this speaks to you, please use it. If not a prayer for the protection of all innocents would be good as well or of course anything else that moves your heart.Prayer for IDF soldiers


To all who have taken the time to read this – thank you for caring!

3 thoughts on “5 easy things anyone can do to help Israel

  1. I’m a gentile die hard atheist but I just couldn’t resist doing a drag/drop operation with the prayer-for-idf-soldiers jpg.


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