Looking for a ring in the garbage dump

Yesterday a woman in Jerusalem went out to through the trash. To her horror she discovered that her very expensive engagement ring had gotten snagged on the bag and both were somewhere inside the dumpster.

What a horrible mistake!

The woman’s family tried to help her retrieve her ring from the dumpster, to no avail. looking for a ringHelplessly they watched as the dumpster was picked up by a garbage truck. Now the ring was some place mixed in with even more garbage.

When the garbage collectors understood the problem they agreed to dump the truck in a way so that the contents would not be spread further.

The warmth of the sun intensified the fumes from the garbage. As the woman’s family searched for the ring, they were joined by strangers who had heard the story and showed up to help.

Perfect strangers shifted through garbage, to save a bride-to-be they didn’t know and hadn’t even seen, from her misfortune.

They searched for hours. Hours, shifting through the stinking garbage, for a stranger!!

Would your neighbors do that for you?

Last I heard, the ring wasn’t found. What we did find was yet another glorious example of the spirit of Israel.


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