A room for four

Grandparents set up a room for four. Their four grandchildren. What could be more normal? But it’s not normal. No, the grandparents aren’t happy the kids will be staying with them. They would have preferred the kids were with their parents. But they can’t. Four months, four years, seven and nine years old, the children … More A room for four

Freedom fighters

When words are twisted meaning becomes warped. The straightforward and obvious suddenly takes on a new meaning, transforming in to something far from the original intent. Changing words and definitions changes reality. Once the term “freedom fighters” meant people who fight for freedom. Now, somehow this  term has become synonymous with terrorists i.e. people using … More Freedom fighters

The terrible toll…

This morning I woke up to news of one soldier killed, 4 wounded. 9 terror-attack tunnels were found during the night. The air-raid notification on my phone was going off – Hamas is bombarding our southern towns with missiles. Yesterday, before the IDF went into Gaza, a soldier was injured and his combat dog was … More The terrible toll…

Terrorists block the road, question drivers: “Are you a Jew?”

              Last night masked men set tires on fire to block a road in Israel, near Netanya (road 5614). They stopped passing cars, asking the drivers: “Are you Jewish?”  Two drivers that answered in Hebrew were pulled out of their cars and attacked.  One managed to get back in … More Terrorists block the road, question drivers: “Are you a Jew?”