This is Israel

A tiny country, Israel has and is much more than people realize. And sometimes much less as well. Take a look at our big, beautiful, exciting, moving and wonderful mess! This video is an excellent glimpse in to the Land of Israel…

Prime Minister Netanyahu needs to give his speech on Iran

Please listen to this Senator Marco Rubio explain why Prime Minister Netanyahu needs to give his speech on Iran. Please tell your friends. Americans – please tell your representatives you expect them to attend Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech on Tuesday. The people of Israel need to see them there! The people of Israel need to … More Prime Minister Netanyahu needs to give his speech on Iran

Rocks Kill

“Throwing rocks” sounds fairly innocuous. The international media seems to love showing images of young Arabs throwing rocks, especially if the images can be contrasted with IDF soldiers. No one seems to notice that while the rocks are being thrown, the soldiers who have guns – are not using them. The asymmetry is there, but … More Rocks Kill

Je Suis Kafir

It has become fashionable to announce “Je Suis Charlie.” It’s a hashtag on Twitter, it’s on tv, it’s a worldwide campaign… even Hollywood celebrities are sporting the slogan identifying with the slaughtered Charlie Hebdo satirists in France. The “Je Suis Charlie” campaign began as something good and right, honoring the victims of terrorism and restating … More Je Suis Kafir

Freedom fighters

When words are twisted meaning becomes warped. The straightforward and obvious suddenly takes on a new meaning, transforming in to something far from the original intent. Changing words and definitions changes reality. Once the term “freedom fighters” meant people who fight for freedom. Now, somehow this  term has become synonymous with terrorists i.e. people using … More Freedom fighters